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Time Traveler Retreat Historical Julian Cabin5 Star

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A Living Canvas Lakeview Home 5 Star

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(Sleeps up to 14 Persons)

Julian is located in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains. Take a step back in time to the days of Julian’s beginning rooted in the 1870’s gold rush. Get away from the business and stress!!! Discover the charms of Julian.  See where gold was discovered — shop stores housed in historic buildings dating back to the 1870’s — sleep in a romantic cabin—sample Julian’s famous apple pie then hike and picnic amid the oaks and pines — ride down Main Street in a horse-drawn carriage.

Fresh air and beautiful scenery abound in our area. Hiking trails, Parks and old-fashioned buildings.  Enjoy a History Hunt through town, or simply enjoy a self-guided History Walk.

Julian also features a number of events throughout the year.  There is always a reason and a season to visit Julian.  We truly do enjoy all four seasons in our mountain town. Enjoy!

 Julian Cabin • 15574 North Peak Road • 1202 Canyon Drive  • Julian, CA  • 92040 • 619-777-6724 (txt) 

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